Winter Cleaning: 5 Tips to Keep Your Building Fresh

With winter arriving soon in Utah, it’s a good idea to begin planning for your buildings’ winter cleaning schedule. Here are 5 winter cleaning tips that are simple to implement. We recommend this cleaning system to each of our clients in order to optimize cleanliness, prevent the spread of illnesses, improve a building’s air quality and to keep visitors safe this winter season.

1). Strip and Wax Floors

Stripping and waxing floors is important year-round, however, it becomes especially important during winter months. Not only are germs, bacteria and dirt tracked into your building by your customers and employees shoes, stripping and waxing your floors is also a safety precaution. Prevent slip-and-falls by asking your floor care specialist to use professional-grade wax that can add a gritty texture to your floors. If you’re a ProKleen client, we use a wax that has a high-concentration of solids which can help prevent slip-and-falls.

2). Sweep and Mop Regularly 

Sweep and mop your floors daily to maintain your newly waxed floors. This also helps to keep your building clear and free of debris and dust that can be kicked up as people walk through your building. Sweeping and mopping daily can also help keep the air quality inside your building fresh.

3). Schedule a Carpet Cleaning

Again, carpets are a trap for bacteria and toxic dust. Having your carpets professionally cleaned each quarter may help prevent the spread of illness and keep your building’s air quality clean and clear.

4). Vacuum Daily

Not only will vacuuming daily prevent dirt from getting ground into your carpets, it’s also a huge factor in preventing illnesses and again, improving your building’s air quality—clean floors are a big player in keeping your building feeling clean and improving its air quality.

5). Dust Air Vents

A neglected area in buildings that we often see are ceiling air vents. Clean return air vents, ceiling vents and air ducts quarterly to prevent the spread of illness, improve air quality and keep your building looking sanitized.

If you’re a ProKleen customer, most of these services are included in your customized cleaning plan. If you’re not currently a ProKleen customer, contact us today for your free building analysis.