Why Should Carpets and Upholstery Be Cleaned Regularly?

If you haven’t gotten your carpets professionally cleaned in a while, you may want to consider doing so. Following are the reasons we believe you should be getting professional carpet cleaning regularly.

Protecting Your Health

Among the most important reasons to get your carpets cleaned regularly is to protect your health. Carpet is a known culprit for harboring environmental pollutants and allergens. The most common irritants that carpets hold are dust mites, pet dander, cockroach allergens, mold spores, pesticides, dirt, and dust.

If you or a family member has allergies or asthma, it is of utmost importance that carpet and upholstery cleaning is done on a regular basis. Studies have shown that hot water extraction methods are the most effective in removing everyday soils and pollutants, as well as reducing the number of biopollutants found in carpets and upholstery. Regular cleanings can protect the health of your lungs and sinuses by removing potential irritants.

Common health issues caused by unclean carpets can range from coughing, runny nose, and cold-like symptoms to asthma attacks and severe allergic reactions. Volatile compounds found in dirty carpets have been found to be a definitive cause of asthma. Mold can also grow easily in carpets and produce toxins that make the air inside of the home unsafe to breathe. Prolonged exposure to mold spores can result in nasal irritation, neurotoxicity, hypersensitivity, and cancer.

Protecting Your Assets 

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sell your home without being asked to first replace your carpets? In many cases, before a potential buyer will go through with a purchase of a home, they will request that carpets are replaced. With regular cleanings, this may not be necessary.

Although carpeting in a home will need to be replaced at some point, regular cleanings are suggested by manufacturers to ensure the longevity and life of your carpets. Stains and spots on carpets can also be embarrassing for homeowners. While spills and stains are inevitable, carpet cleaning companies are able to remove most stains from carpets and treat them with solutions that may protect against future stains.

Carpet is priced, on average, at about $24.00 per yard, meaning that replacing carpets in a home can cost you thousands of dollars. The average cost of carpet cleaning, however, is about $.28 per square foot. Some carpet companies charge on a “per room” basis. The average cost of carpet cleaning per room is only about $48. Therefore, cleaning carpets regularly can be much less expensive than having to replace carpeting in the home prematurely.

These are two major reasons, among others, it is a wise practice to have your carpet and upholstery cleaning done throughout your home on a regular basis.