Types of Commercial Floor Maintenance

Floors in a commercial building usually get more foot traffic than in the average building. Because of the ever-changing seasons in Utah, these floors can take quite a beating throughout the year. Floors can become damaged, dull, or worn if they are not maintained.

In the overall appearance of a building’s interior, if the floor is not in good condition, the rest of the building will arguably not come across as clean and put together. A building cannot have a pleasant atmosphere if the floor is in poor condition. Commercial floor cleaning in Salt Lake keeps your building sharp and clean, and cleaner’s tasks differ according to the type of flooring. Likewise, the type of flooring is widely determined by the type of business and building.

Complete Stripping, Waxing, and Sealing

A floor that needs to be completely refinished will undergo this procedure. Stripping hardwood of its finish will get rid of errors and damage that is done to the floor’s surface. The floor will then be waxed and resealed. If you do not want to completely redo your hardwood floors, but you need an intense touch-up, this could be the route for you.


This method of cleaning services uses a tool called an “automatic scrubber.” It is a fast, efficient, effective way to clean a floor. Auto-scrubbing is not something that is done daily, since it is a method of deep cleaning. Doing this frequently, however, will keep your carpets, tiles, and hardwood floors looking good for a long time.

Scrubbing and Recoating

This method of floor cleaning is not the same as stripping, waxing, and sealing, but it has a similar concept of floor maintenance. Scrubbing a floor of all its imperfections smooths it down and makes it look clean and fresh. Then, the floor is recoated to give it a beautiful new finish.

This can sometimes cost less than complete stripping, waxing and sealing—and if this is all that your floor needs, it is a great option. Some floors, however, are beyond the point where scrubbing and recoating would be of much help. These are the cases where complete stripping, waxing, and sealing is the best option.


Many surfaces can be buffed. Buffing is great if there are minor dents, scratches, and imperfections in the surface. It makes a great difference in the overall appearance of a commercial floor and is a great option for regular commercial floor maintenance.