Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Have you ever wondered about the reason companies hire a commercial cleaning service versus keeping it in-house? We thought so, and we didn’t even have to duct tape our eyes shut, to read your minds, unlike this guy.

In this post, we thought we’d share some of the benefits of hiring a full service cleaning company such as ourselves. As you may already know, ProKleen, has been cleaning Salt Lake City for over 30 years! We pride ourselves in understanding our customers needs and we ensure that we do what it takes to make them happy. 

1. Cleanliness is Inviting

A clean office is an inviting space for all of those important customers who enter. Whether it’s a medical, dental or real estate brokerage, an immaculate environment is sure to leave a lasting impression on your clientele.

2.  Hiring a Cleaning Company is an Investment

It’s true, hiring a cleaning company is an investment into your business which shows your customers you’re invested in and committed to them. Have you ever walked into a place where the bathrooms were left unattended and now they’re unsightly and just feel grimy? We’ve all been there and our first thoughts are usually unpleasant ones, this can leave a negative impression about you which is opposite of what you’re trying to do, amiright?

3. Clean and Sanitized Office Space is Healthy

We know, this has been engrained into our society as long as we can remember too, but it has to be said. Sanitizing the office means killing nasty bacteria which cuts down on inter office illnesses as well as maintaining public safety.  

4. Commercial Cleaning Companies Use High End Cleaning Products

 ProKleen, Inc. only uses top of the line cleaning products and equipment. This stuff isn’t readily available for purchase by those who don’t have the proper credentials. We even have professional grade green cleaning products and services that we can use too. 

5. Employees Only Have to Worry About Their Jobs

This one is self explanatory, we know, but we thought a friendly reminder was in order. If you hire out for janitorial or cleaning services, it takes the burden off of the Office Manager or whomever else may have been cleaning or maintaining the office. This way they only have to focus on their day job and everyone is happy and healthy.