Tips For Keeping Office Carpets Clean

The winter can be a challenging time for cleanliness in the office, especially in a place like Utah where there’s lots of moisture, salt and other grime on the ground. One of the areas this impacts the most with regard to office cleanliness is carpets, which often bear the brunt of this dirt.

At ProKleen, our commercial carpet cleaning services will help you avoid major buildups and the issues that come with them. There are also many things you as a building manager can do to help keep carpets generally clean – let’s look at a few basic tips.

Keep a Vacuum Close

Carpets are the best defense against winter weather, helping keep rock salt and other contaminants from getting all over the facility, including in more dangerous places like on hardwood floors. Ensure that all carpets, particularly those near doorways and outdoor areas, receive regular vacuuming to keep both their function and their aesthetic look in the place they should be.

Block Soil and Dirt

Soil and dirt on carpets can damage the fibers. As people walk over this kind of dirt, they cut away and dig the dirt even deeper into carpet fibers. This can mean you’ll have to replace carpets sooner and at a potentially larger long-term cost.

“Rule of 15”

Some of the most effective deterrents against soil and dirt are floor mats, and the best way to organize these is using the “Rule of 15.” This means you have one mat five feet outside the building, one mat five feet inside the doorway, and one more mat an extra five feet inside to catch any remaining mess. This will help prevent everything from unneeded dirt up to slips and falls.

Act Quickly

If significant dirt does make its way into carpets, be sure to schedule cleaning sooner rather than later. Dirt becomes harder and harder to remove as it builds up, and consistent cleanings prevent permanent stains from forming.

Winter Cleaning

Winter is not only a good time for carpet cleaning because of the additional dirt that’s around – it’s ideal due to the dry air that decreases downtime, as well. Carpet cleaning is both more necessary and simpler to accomplish in winter, so be sure not to neglect it.

For more on carpet cleaning or any of our other services, speak to the pros at ProKleen today.