Tips for a Fresh Smelling Office

Have you ever worked in an office space that carried a foul stench? Smell isn’t something we necessarily think about on a minute-by-minute basis, but if the space you spend eight hours a day in smells terrible, you’re going to start to notice it much more often.

At ProKleen, our office cleaning services include a full range of fragrance-related areas. What are some basic tips we can offer in terms of keeping things smelling good and fresh in the office in between cleanings from our professionals? Here are a few good areas.

Basic Cleaning and Trash

These kinds of tasks, which fall under our basic janitorial services, often go without saying. If you let trash build up to crazy levels in the office, especially over multiple days or over the weekend, it will often develop on odor that spreads. The same can be said for things like dirty dishes or gunk-crusted counters. Basic cleanliness can go a long way toward keeping everything smelling good.

Air Circulation

In some cases, the foul stench moving through an office space isn’t actually due to any particular source, but rather to a simple staleness in the air. This can happen when air isn’t allowed to circulate properly, often due to a subpar HVAC system in the building. If this is often the case in your office space, open windows and run fans regularly to keep the air fresh – a practice that’s also been proven to raise employee energy levels and keep focus high.

Carpet and Linen Cleaning

Another service we offer at ProKleen is carpet cleaning, and like basic cleaning and trash pickup, this can have a real effect on smells as well. Some smells are known to bind to the fibers in carpets and linens, sticking around even when other cleaning has been done. A basic deep clean of these areas will remove the odors nice and easily, though. Speak to our pros about scheduling regular carpet cleanings in your office.

Plant Usage

Another great way of combatting general staleness in the air is by using plants and greenery in the office. Not only will these brighten up the space and offer aesthetic accents, plants like chrysanthemums and ivy are known for their air filtering qualities. They help remove harmful particles and make everything a little fresher.

Light Bulb Trick

Another handy trick to use if you want to infuse a new fragrance into the office: Use your light bulbs. Take a few drops of whatever fragrance you want spread, often an essential oil, and simply apply it to the light bulbs in the area. This will help spread it out to the entire room naturally.

For more on how to keep the office smelling great, or to learn about any of our other cleaning services, speak to the experts at ProKleen today.