It’s Up to Us

In light of the recent tragic events in Florida, our owner Jill Baker, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the importance of human connection and inclusivity.

We live in a time where the digital world is such a large part of all of our lives that it’s easy to forget about real connection. It’s easier to not deal with people and to keep our heads strapped to our cell phones while we interact with others.

Jill writes:

“We strive for real connection with our employees, customers and those we come in contact with each day. We are aware of the struggles that every person faces at all times, and we understand that we’re all busy working to be successful in our daily lives. In order to change these events it begins with us. How we treat our families, colleagues and how our children treat one another at school.”

Sometimes, it’s even possible that we might even forget that the individuals who are on the receiving end of a text message, Facebook comment thread or Instagram story are actual people.

While the benefits of technology and social media are far-reaching, the opposite effects are too – it’s Newtons Law. Oftentimes, we judge ourselves and compare ourselves to everyone elses’ highlight reel (that’s what I call social media timelines) and that can create feelings of inadequacy.

I’m not enough leads to several other emotions: jealousy, competitiveness, and false conceitedness in order to hide our shame. While someone else’s highlight reel may make their lives appear more glamorous or easier than our own, the truth is that we’re all struggling with our own difficult situations–we’re all equal.

Let’s all take a moment to remember to be kinder to one another. Interact with one another, treat each other with compassion and remember that we’re all in this reality together, so let’s make it a good one.