Signs Your Floors Need Recoating

Within any commercial business, the floors are more important than you’d think. Everything from machinery to heavy objects to thousands of steps per day in foot traffic puts a lot of wear and tear on your commercial building.

One of the key protectants against this general wear and tear is the floor coating. This is a clear, protective layer designed to shield your floors from all the elements while maintaining a shiny, brand-new look. At ProKleen, our commercial cleaning services include detailed recoating services. Let’s look at a few telltale signs that your floors might be in need of a new coating.

Surface Wear

This is one of the most obvious signs of floor damage, one that will often be visible to the naked eye even for people inexperienced with office cleaning. Its primary cause is general abrasion of the floor, mostly due to a combination of heavy foot traffic and heavy items placed or left on the floor for long periods of time.

It also might be caused by erosion from fluids or chemicals, if these are present in the workplace – they can create cavities or vapor bubbles in certain flooring products. This is often a sign that protective coating isn’t doing its job, and needs to be replaced.

Crazing Cracks

Mostly present on cement and concrete, these are cracks formed by fine particles that penetrate through small openings. These can affect not only looks, but also structural integrity over time.

Extreme Weather

It’s not a visible sign per se, but if your business is in an area with common instances of major weather, especially including ice and snow, your floors could be put at higher risk due to freezing temperatures and moisture settling on the floors. This will cause many materials to expand, and then crack.

Salt Crystallization

Another that could be present in certain climates (those with snow and ice will have salt on the ground commonly), salt being tracked into the workplace can build up in the pores of concrete and create stress on the floors.

Poor Structure

If you notice your floors deteriorating at a faster rate than you’d expected, and none of these other major signs are present, it could be a signal of poor structure or faulty subgrade installation. To correct this, you’ll need the professionals.

Want to learn more about this, or about our commercial carpet cleaning or any of our other office cleaning services? Speak to the professionals at ProKleen today.