Signs Your Carpets Need Cleaning

At ProKleen, our carpet cleaning services remain ahead of the curve to help you with all your commercial cleaning needs. We apply industry standard technology, along with deodorizers and several different kinds of protectors to give your materials a buffer against wear and tear.

Before we can work our magic on your business, however, you have to identify the need. Especially in certain colors or themes, it’s common to struggle picking up the telltale signs of carpets that need cleaning – even if they’re right in front of us. Here are a few tips for spotting the need for a carpet cleaning.


Smell is one of the first signs of a dirty carpet, but this is where some of the struggles come into play with recognizing it – over time, if you’re in the same place often, your nose will likely become desensitized to certain odors. Even if a bad smell is building up on the carpet over time, you might notice it because your nose just gets used to it.

This isn’t the easiest task in the world, but if it’s been a while since your last carpet cleaning, try to bring in a “fresh” nose every now and then to give you an honest assessment. Maybe this is someone from another department, or a significant other who hasn’t been to the office in a while. Down similar lines, a regular carpet cleaning once every so often will help prevent these odors you might not even know about.


Have folks at the office with allergy symptoms begun to see a rise in flare-ups, despite it not being allergy season? This could be a sure sign that carpets need cleaning. Dirty and older carpets catch and retain more allergens and particulates.

Discoloration in Main Areas

In areas where people frequently walk, check for signs of discoloration. These areas will wear more quickly, and even with colors that are tough to spot these things for, noting areas where this wearing is visible can help make this process simpler.

Want to learn more about signs your carpet needs cleaning, or interested in any of our other commercial cleaning services? Speak to the experts at ProKleen today.