Risks of an Inexperienced Window Cleaner

At ProKleen, one of our most popular and well-used cleaning services is commercial window cleaning. Our professionals take the time to clean every little detail of all window types and sizes, and even clean frames to go that extra mile.

Not all window cleaning services come with our reputation for quality and excellence, however. What are some of the mistakes that can take place when you trust your window cleaning to amateurs? Here’s a look.

Excess Detergent

There’s an incorrect tendency from inexperienced cleaners to assume that more detergent is always better, but the exact opposite is often true. Too much detergent makes surfaces streaky, slows work rates and reduces the effect of the squeegee. In addition, glass cleaned with too much detergent tends to get dirty again faster. On the other hand, the right amount leaves smooth surfaces and allows for effective dirt removal.

Incorrect Angles

For commercial grade windows, there should be a distance of about 7 centimeters from the base of the squeegee handle when it’s held to the surface glass. Anything more or less can cause streaks or large spots where dirt wasn’t properly removed.

Rubber Replacement

Squeegee rubber edges are designed to remain good for about four to six hours of continual use, but many cleaners will push this much further and limit the effectiveness of the cleaning. A worn out squeegee edge will slow the progress and cause streaks as cleaners are forced to press harder on the window.

Too Much Pressure

If a cleaner is frequently straining their arm to provide the right level of pressure with the squeegee, they’re doing it wrong. The squeegee is designed to clean with extremely limited pressure after being placed on the glass, and pressing it too hard will tire you out and leave streaks.

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