ProKleen, Inc: Company History

John Baker was just like any other man in Utah. A hard working and devoted husband and father who had a dream just like the rest of us. He pursued a life where he could rest assured that his wife and newborn son would be taken care of, safe and happy.

At age 25, John worked a full time job at a lumber company. While he was proficient at providing for his family, he needed to earn more income in order to be able to afford a down payment on a house for his wife and son.

He began cleaning offices at night in addition to working his day job in an effort to accomplish his goal. Jill, stayed home with their first born son, Brady until he was old enough to be left with a caretaker. She and John together cleaned offices and apartments at night.

The duo eventually earned enough money to buy their home and chose to start their commercial janitorial business, originally named Baker Building Maintenance.

Due to the Bakers’ industrious and honest nature, they began to build a loyal customer base. And through repeat and word of mouth business, ProKleen evolved into what it is today.

ProKleen, Inc., has been serving Utah for over 30 years. We’re a leader in the commercial janitorial industry. Because we care about our customers’ satisfaction, we’re able to provide high quality services for affordable prices. That’s the ProKleen promise.