Why It Pays To Go Local With Cleaners

When it comes to your commercial cleaning services, we at ProKleen are proud to be local experts who have served the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas for nearly three decades. We’ve spent these years building up a great reputation in the community, with numerous long-term customers who keep coming back because of our service.

When you’re in the market for janitorial services like ours, why does it pay to stick with local experts in most cases? Here are a few important reasons.


For starters, local pros offer you access to professionals when you truly need it. There’s no automated phone line that keeps you on hold for 30 minutes with some national office to book an appointment – you speak directly with our pros, who have flexible hours and can accommodate various timing needs.

Specific Region Knowledge

There are situations that might come up with your daily cleaning services that require specific experience in the region. Will a larger corporate chain handle things like road salt perfectly every time if they haven’t experienced it before?

Hiring professionals locally ensure that your facility is cared for by people who are prepared for local weather patterns and conditions. We’re ready for any surprises that may present themselves.

Competitive Pricing

It can be tough to stay within your budget for cleaning, but local companies like ours are almost always more willing to tailor pricing toward your needs and budget. If you’re worried about funds in a given area, don’t fret – we’ll work with you to find the best plan that doesn’t sacrifice any essential services.

Local Economy

Finally, using a local commercial cleaner helps advance the local economy. Many businesses form partnerships that are mutually beneficial down the line, and keeping money within the local economy keeps it strong.

For more on why it pays to hire local cleaners or to learn about any of our services, speak to the experts at ProKleen today.