Parties and Events: The Day After

Hosting a party or an event at your office can be such a taxing chore. It entails shopping for food and drinks, rearranging furniture, tidying up and decorating the place, cooking and preparing meals and refreshments, inviting and organizing people—well, this in itself is an exhausting list!

Despite all the tiresome effort, it will be rewarding to witness how your guests are enjoying. Only then will you be able to say how fun it was to throw a party. With smiles and laughter on their faces, you will already feel like a gracious host.

The only downside to any party or event is when it comes to an end. When all the fun and games are over, you will have to deal with all the cleaning. You can’t just leave it be, given that it’s your office—it’s where you work for a living. And you can’t work efficiently in a dump, right?

Dealing with the Aftermath

Imagine the scene. Tables are messy, chairs are overturned, framed photographs and paintings on the wall moved out of place, the stack of dishes in the pantry sink, the littering bottles and cans of beverages, the gleaming utensils scattered about like treasure, and the soiled, stained carpet. Oh dear, is it not an overwhelming picture?

ProKleen can turn that picture into something wonderful and pleasing to the eye. Apart from our janitorial services, we offer commercial carpet cleaning, a service you can benefit from for both pre- and after-party tidying. As one of the first things your guests will notice when they enter your office, unsightly carpets will not set the right mood for any party or event.

In cleaning your carpet, we use efficient machines that will not leave any thread soiled or muddied. In addition, we apply carpet deodorizer to rid your place of any foul odors. This could be some spilled beer, wine, or food left on the carpet and stepped on.

A dirty carpet’s difference from a clean one may not be perceived but its effect on people will betray the filth. A dirt-riddled carpet can trigger allergies and asthma due to the buildup of toxic contaminants. Our specialized cleaning shampoos work to sift through carpet fibers and rid it of trapped pollutants.

If you’re planning a party any time soon, feel free to contact us for assistance or information about our cleaning services.