Often Overlooked Areas in Office Cleaning

When it comes to basic janitorial services in the office, it’s all about the details. Anyone can swing a mop and dust a few obvious areas – it’s the commercial cleaning pros who go the extra mile that you want cleaning your office.

At ProKleen, we live up to this ideal on a daily basis. Our cleaning services include a careful eye to detail based on years of experience, and we won’t skimp on any labor-intensive area of your office cleaning. Here are some of the lesser-considered areas that we handle with ease.

Phone Areas

The phone and the surrounding phone space is often used dozens of times per day at a given desk, but it often receives no attention from cleaning services. The phone is one of the most important places where antibacterial cleanser is needed, as your hands, mouth, and ears will all make direct contact with parts of the phone. These unique sources of contamination make cleaning the phone a vital area to prevent workplace sickness.


Another item that comes into regular contact with the hands is the computer, which has multiple elements that require cleaning. The computer also needs to stay regularly clear of dust for performance reasons. Computers should be turned off on cleaning days so that cleaning employees are fully able to clean keyboards and buttons without accidentally performing computer functions.

Door Handles

Maybe the single object that’s touched by the largest number of hands in the office? The door handle, which can be a breeding ground for numerous bacteria. Door knobs in public spaces are the single largest cause of illness spreading from one person to another.

Light Fixtures

This includes light switches, switch covers, and even the lights themselves. Dirty or dingy bulbs cast dark shadows and detract from the energy of a room, while fluorescent lights require regular dusting. Light switches and covers, on the other hand, can be just as dangerous for the spread of disease as door handles.

For more on the often-overlooked areas that our pros are always sure to hit, or to learn more about any of our commercial cleaning services, speak to the experts at ProKleen today.