Keeping Entryways Clean and Inviting, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the basics when it comes to making the entryways of your business attractive and inviting, both to prospective clients and to your own employees. This area is often a huge value driver in terms of first impressions of your business, and keeping it in good order is important.

At ProKleen, we can help you in this area through many of our services, from basic office cleaning to floor maintenance and more. Let’s go over a few additional priorities you should have for your entryways, both in terms of general cleanliness and other factors that make the area more inviting.

keeping entryways clean inviting

Signage and Directions

One of the primary practical functions of any lobby or entryway to a business is to help guests and visitors know where they need to go. If your office is one where clients or other guests regularly show up and may go to a few different places, make it obvious which direction they need to move in here. For smaller businesses, signs indicating where bathrooms or other common areas are can be valuable. Your office should be easy to navigate, and the lobby should serve as the baseline point for this.

Floor Mats

Both in terms of productivity and general aesthetics, you have a couple good reasons to want the outside weather to stay, well outside. Particularly during the winter months, with salt and other de-icing products all over the ground, visitors to the office can track in lots of dirt, mud, water and other contaminants.

Luckily, placing down some basic floor mats at all entry points is a good way to combat this. In addition, these kinds of mats serve as basic directional assists in many cases.

Germs and Sanitizer

Another area that’s top-of-mind for many people during winter, and even for some throughout the year, is staying free of the spread of germs. With this in mind, it’s always great to keep hand sanitizer or some kind of similar product available in the lobby or entryway. This not only helps people feel at home, but encourages them to keep things clean and healthy around the office.

Friendly Personal Touch

In most cases, businesses utilize some kind of receptionist, doorperson or security personnel at their entryways. No matter which designation is used for your business, you want this person to be friendly and greet those who are visiting.

Additional Themes

Finally, the last bit here comes down to your own personalization themes within the budget you have available. Some offices choose to include things like electronics or other forms of entertainment in the lobby, while others just look for simple, classy furniture and designs that signal a professional workspace.

For more on how to make your entryways clean and inviting, or to learn about any of our office janitorial services, speak to the staff at ProKleen today.