Keeping Entryways Clean and Inviting, Part 1

They say first impressions are hugely important for the way someone regards you, and this theme is absolutely a big part of the business world. Particularly for businesses that regularly meet with and/or pitch new clients, the ability to make a strong first impression can do wonders for future success.

At ProKleen, we’re here to help with this from an office cleaning standpoint. Our services ensure that your business office is always pristine and welcoming to potential clients or other guests, and some of the primary areas we focus on here are your entryways. These are the first areas clients will be in, for starters, and they set the baseline for their entire experience. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over some of the various cleaning and other considerations you may want to consider for your entryway, many of which we can assist you with directly.

keeping entryways clean inviting

Lighting Considerations

Lighting is important in the lobby or entryway for several reasons, from basic safety to ambiance and the feel of the room. If possible, you want to use multiple kinds of light – natural light through windows or other glass, but also overhead lights that you can adjust as necessary to create the right atmosphere. A nice balance of both keeps people feeling at ease.

Basic Cleanliness

And once your lobby or entryway is well-lit, that will make it easier to see everything – including whether the surfaces and other areas are clean and well-kept. The entry is the area where customers will most often be, so you want to go above and beyond to keep it neat and clean. Set guidelines that ask employees to pick up any debris or trash as they walk through, and perhaps consider assigning basic small daily cleaning and organization tasks to front desk staff.


To really top off the atmosphere of your lobby or entryway, consider infusing it with certain choice fragrances. Many businesses do well with light, energetic air fresheners that keep clients engaged. Others will use floral arrangements, which are both beautiful to the eye and offer a refreshing smell. If you go the latter route, just be sensitive to any allergies in the office.

Keep it Consistent

Particularly if you have customers who you know will often be in other parts of the building, you want to do your best to keep things consistent. Prospective clients who see a pristine lobby but then walk into a workspace that’s dirty and cluttered will assume you’re just putting on a show with the lobby, which will make them less likely to deal with you. Consistent cleaning across all areas is something a professional cleaner like ProKleen specializes in.

Entertainment for Waiting Clients

In addition, don’t forget about the comfort and entertainment of clients who may have to wait in the entryway or lobby. Place reading materials like magazines in this space, or better yet information about your company that will keep them focused in the right direction.

For more on making your business entryway appealing, or to learn about any of our office cleaning or janitorial services, speak to the staff at ProKleen today.