Keeping Your Cleaning Company Accountable

At ProKleen, we’re incredibly proud of the commercial cleaning services we provide to all our clients. We’re highly confident in our janitorial services, whether we’re working on a huge office building or a smaller space.

We’re so confident, in fact, that we welcome comparisons to our competition in this field – we know we’ll blow them all away. Here are some areas you should always be checking on with your professional cleaner to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money.

Glass and Lights

Some of the first signs that your cleaner is taking shortcuts and not doing the job completely will be seen in your glass and light fixtures. Check your entry doors for any smears, dust or fingerprints, and look around your lights for an accumulation of dust. These are areas that should be handled every time by a commercial cleaner. Inspect light coverings for cobwebs and other dust issues as well.

Baseboards and Floor Areas

In other situations, the low areas are those that get passed over by an inexperienced cleaner. Check areas like baseboards, floor vents and any dark corners that don’t normally get a ton of attention. These little cracks and crevices are often some of the first areas that get neglected when a cleaner isn’t performing optimally.

Upper Corners and Fans

On the flip side, also look for upper areas that might not be getting enough attention. Many cleaning companies simply leave anything that’s out of direct eyesight untouched – this is not how it should be. Check corners, ceiling fans, vents and more for signs of dust.


Finally, if you’ve been working with a cleaner for a long period of time, you should have a sense of the kind of cleaning job they do. But after a while, have you noticed that certain important elements are slipping through the cracks more and more often? This could be a cleaner becoming complacent, a reality your business simply can’t afford. If this becomes the case, you may have to consider making a change.

For more on keeping your cleaning company accountable, or to learn about any of our janitorial services, speak to the pros at ProKleen today.