Hand Sanitizer Use and Office Placement

As a top commercial cleaning company in Utah, we at ProKleen are dedicated to doing far more than just the bare minimum. Our cleaning services are the industry standard, but we want to go beyond even these and provide you with a full-service cleaning experience.

One way we do this is through our pros offering regular advice and expertise for the cleanliness of your space – even for smaller areas that you don’t need our help in. One such area, particularly for larger offices with lots of people? Hand sanitizer. Here are some basics on proper sanitizer use, and how office managers should utilize it within the workplace.

Spread it Completely

For starters, you need to get the maximum effectiveness out of hand sanitizer. Make sure you rub it all over the surface of both hands, including down to two inches past your wrist and all the way to the ends of your nails. Going past the wrist offers additional protection against microorganisms that might cause sickness.

Use the Proper Amount

Down similar lines, you have to use the right amount of sanitizer. At least a quarter-sized amount or more should always be used.

More Than Just Hands

Sanitizer can be useful for other areas beyond just the hands. It can be used to help clean phone screens and other surfaces, clear eyeglasses, remove fingerprints from stainless steel appliances, and even to stop mosquito bites from itching so badly.

Try Varying Options

The best hand sanitizer will be one you enjoy and can get into regularly using. Try out a few different brands or scents until you land on one you enjoy.

Making Use Convenient

For office managers, the presence of hand sanitizer can both improve employee satisfaction and, perhaps more importantly, reduce risks of sickness or spreading disease. Consider common areas like lobbies, reception desk, elevators or other areas where hands regularly touch communal surfaces – place bottles of sanitizer in these areas, and ensure they’re regularly refilled.

For more on hand sanitizer in the workplace, or to learn about any of our other cleaning services, speak to the pros at ProKleen today.