Considerations for New Commercial Flooring

At ProKleen, we’re proud to offer high-quality commercial floor cleaning services for you and your business. No matter what kind of floors your building houses, including multiple types, our pros can provide commercial cleaning services to get them sparkling and looking good as new.

We’re also here to provide advice when it comes to commercial flooring, as our experts have seen just about everything in this area. One common area we help many businesses with: Important questions to ask when considering new commercial flooring, plus some information on the types out there.

Important Questions

Some important questions to ask yourself when considering new flooring for your building:

  • What do I like and not like about the previous flooring? The benefits and drawbacks of your current flooring can go a long way to determining what you want in new options.
  • What is the typical traffic in the area or areas being replaced? For high-traffic areas like foyers, call centers, dining rooms and major corridors or walkways, we generally recommend hard surfaces or commercial grade carpeting. If you’re looking at lighter traffic areas like conference rooms or offices, your options might be a bit more varied.
  • What’s the budget? As you’re laying out your budget, be sure to factor in maintenance and care costs for your flooring. Our pros can help you with this.

Flooring Types

  • Carpet: This is the best product if you’re worried about slip resistance and affordability combined. Carpet is very durable as long as it gets regular vacuuming and deep cleaning.
  • Wood: Hardwood floors are great, and they’re one of the most long-lasting flooring products when maintained properly by pros like ours. Make sure you schedule regular refinishing to remove surface scratches and keep the floors shining.
  • Rubber: Synthetic rubber floors are both waterproof and nonporous, plus resistant to temperature change. Daily maintenance will be needed, though, and you need special care to make sure water doesn’t interfere with adhesives.
  • VCT tile: This is a type of tile that includes colored vinyl chips. It will need regular waxing and buffing, plus you have to be careful with water and adhesives.

For more on getting new flooring, or to learn about any of our commercial cleaning or janitorial services, speak to the experts at ProKleen today.