Common Amateur Floor Cleaning Errors

At ProKleen, we’re dedicated to providing you and your business the highest quality in commercial floor cleaning. Our technicians are experts in everything from basic buffing to deep scrubbing, waxing and sealing – everything you need to keep floors looking clean and professional.

Unless you happen to employ folks who also hold licensing in the floor cleaning field, we generally recommend calling our experts rather than attempting DIY services in this area. Here’s part of why: A few common mistakes we see folks make when they get in over their heads while attempting to do it themselves.

The Wrong Chemicals

Different types and sub-types of flooring often require completely different care, both in procedure and in the products used to clean them. Using the wrong chemicals on a particular surface can cause damage ranging from mild to severe or even total. Just a single exposure to the wrong materials can lead to this damage.

Cheap Wax

It’s tempting to save money during this process, but this isn’t the area in which to do it. Wax is the key item to helping your floor hold its color and many parts of its shine and luster – cheap wax will discolor a lot more quickly, and may end up costing you more in the long run when you’re forced to re-apply it more often.

Not Enough Equipment

Unless you do this for a living, chances are you don’t have all the proper equipment on hand to do these tasks yourself. Just going through the process of accumulating the proper tools can be time-consuming, and for many people it ends up more expensive than simply calling our experts.

Stripping and Coating Issues

For the stripping and coating to be done right, it needs to be done to the entire floor – many amateurs skip areas without knowing it, or forget to move furniture and hit those areas as well. Even stripping and coating across the entire floor is one of the largest challenges for non-professionals, but it’s also a vital part of the process.

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