How Commercial Cleaning Services Improve Your Office’s Air Quality

Just as it’s important to be aware of the air quality outside, it’s equally important to know the overall air quality inside of your office building. Properly maintaining your interior air quality makes for a more productive workplace and more satisfied employees. Find out why commercial cleaning services are essential for better office air quality.

Why Good Air Quality Is Important

Business owners and homeowners alike rely on HVAC systems to remain comfortable. When well maintained, these systems ensure an enjoyable environment as well as promote healthy air quality. Clogged air conditioner and furnace filters can lead to a buildup of harmful dust, pollen and smoke, all of which can cause an individual to feel sick or act as allergy irritants. In the workplace, employees may use more of their sick days because of the compromised air quality, which results in a drop in productivity. Commercial cleaning services and keeping HVAC vents and filters in good condition make for a more enjoyable and fruitful work environment.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpeted business offices that receive a lot of foot traffic are prime environments for commercial cleaning. Much like dust, pollen and other environmental irritants become trapped in HVAC vents, they can also settle into your carpet. Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis improves their appearance and contributes to better air quality. Professional cleanings are an especially good idea during allergy season when employees are more likely to suffer from coughing, sneezing, runny noses and other common health issues.

Air Quality Testing

It’s a good idea for business owners to invest in air quality testing in addition to professional cleaning services. Testing allows you to know just how healthy or unhealthy your office’s air quality is, the specific pollutants compromising your air quality and steps you can take to mitigate unnecessary risks.

As you’re checking your community’s air quality for the commute to work, make sure you check your office air quality as well. Better quality of air often equals better work satisfaction.