Combating Cold and Flu Season in the Office

With the winter season quickly on its way in, another less enjoyable period is tagging along as always: Cold and flu season. These illnesses become far more common around the country as the temperatures begin to drop, and staying safe from them involves taking a few extra precautions – particularly in places where lots of people congregate, such as in the workplace.

At ProKleen, we can help with this. Our office cleaning services include a full range of disinfection and sanitation processes that remove the risks of colds, flus and other contagious conditions from public areas. On top of getting regular cleaning services from our trained professionals, here are some basics we can offer on how to stay germ-free and safe from the cold or flu this winter.

Cleaning Routines

Both from a broad and specific standpoint, your office space should have basic cleaning routines set up as part of standard office procedure. The simplest of these is hand-washing – it should be required that all employees wash their hands after using the bathroom, and highly encouraged that employees do so regularly even when not using the bathroom.

Beyond this, though, regular basic cleanliness practices should be encouraged. Flu viruses can live on hand surfaces for up to eight hours in some cases; employees who may be getting sick should be encouraged to not spread their hands around too much, and should honestly be sent home if there’s any chance of disease transmission. And of course, regular professional office cleaning services are a big part of any office cleaning routine.

Targeted Processes

Anytime there’s a risk of an infection being transmitted, basic practices should be used for disinfection for this area. This might include regular wipe-downs of commonly touched areas or items, such as light switches or reception desks. Once again, bacteria and viruses can stay on these surfaces for hours or even days in some cases – even if you’re the first person into the office in the morning, you could be at risk if a sick person has touched the same surfaces as you do. Antibacterial sprays and soaps should be present in any workplace for these uses.

Home Practices

There isn’t as much need for antibacterial soaps and sprays at home, where you can usually just use a basic soap and water combination or even diluted bleach to clean your hands. You should copy office practices in terms of wiping down commonly touched areas, however, including phones, remotes, door handles and others.

How We Can Help

At ProKleen, we’re here to help stop even the potential for the spread of the flu or cold in your office. We look at details those in your office might not have considered, plus sanitize all common surfaces – including those that regularly go months without attention. We pay particular attention to common rooms like lobbies, bathrooms and break rooms, as these are the primary sources of disease spread.

For more on how to keep your office free of the cold and flu this winter, or to learn about any of our commercial cleaning services, speak to the experts at ProKleen today.