Choosing Commercial Window Cleaning Frequency

The aesthetics of your business are more important than you might think, and windows are a big part of this. At ProKleen, our commercial window cleaning services will complement our other commercial cleaning protocols to keep your building looking fresh and modern for new customers.

The most common question we get within the window cleaning realm: How often should they be cleaned? The answer really depends on a few distinct factors. Let’s take a look at them.


Location and resulting weather are some of the first concerns to keep in mind when determining how often you need to clean your commercial windows. This means climate, but it also means specific location within a given climate – do certain windows face the sun for long hours? Are certain other windows protected from elements like snow by trees or other objects?

Within the Utah climate, you’re near the middle of the spectrum for weather-related cleaning concerns. The Great Salt Lake doesn’t give off quite enough salt to worry about major corrosion on windows, but it’s enough to pay attention to. There isn’t an abundance of moisture which can make regular cleanings more necessary, though the occasional large periods of snow or rain have to be considered.


Another big chunk of your window cleaning schedule comes down to preference, quite honestly. Some building managers demand a squeaky clean ship be run, in which case you’ll want to have the windows cleaned at least a few times per month. Others don’t mind smudges or the occasional bits of dirt, in which case a couple times a year could do the trick.


This will vary in certain climates, but the general industry standard for window cleaning is about twice per month on average. Some businesses use our services as much as once a week, others as infrequently as once a year. Your budget will also play a role here.

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