How to Choose an Office Cleaning Company: 6 Key Factors

As a local Utah business, ProKleen understands the value of accounting for each dollar spent or invested in your business operations.

As professionals, you’re already aware of the health benefits of quality office cleaning services; employees are sick less frequently, which means your company has more enthusiastic workers and increased production.

But, what about determining how to choose a new cleaning company; or renewing your contract with a current provider.


We’ve comprised this checklist of 7 key indicators you should look for when choosing a cleaning company for your business.

1) Customizable or Tailored Service Plans:

Don’t get stuck in a cleaning plan that isn’t right for your business. You shouldn’t be paying for services that under or over service your building. It’s a good idea to find out if your provider can tailor their services to your business’ needs with add ons, rather than forcing your building to fit within their parameters services.


2) Availability and Scheduling

Black out dates: It’s a good idea to find out what dates of the year an office cleaning company doesn’t provide service, so that you can plan floor stripping/waxing and other add ons accordingly.

Emergency Services: It’s also necessary to find out what the company’s policy is and how much notice is needed in order for them to respond to emergency situations. 


3) Full Service Janitorial v. Office Cleaning

When an office cleaning company offers full service janitorial, this means that they can do various jobs such as floor, carpet, and upholstery services with their own employees and equipment.


Many companies who do not offer full service, subcontract out various jobs such as floor, carpet, and upholstery cleaning, which means you may not know who enters your building, the cost of services, or the quality of work they provide.


4) Longevity and Location

Longevity: The longer an office cleaning company has been in business, typically reflects their success in the field. Usually, they’re still in business because they’ve spent years learning the needs of the industry. They’ve established a reputable name within their communities and know how to tackle most jobs.  

Local: Local office cleaning companies understand the local market and business expectations. They’re able to provide comprehensive services at competitive prices.


5) BBB Ratings, Certifications and Insurance

Better Business Bureau Rating: Providers who hold a high rating with the Better Business Bureau must adhere to the Bureau’s standards of excellence which include: maintaining a positive track record in the marketplace, honest advertising, truthfulness, transparency, honor promises and commitments, address marketplace disputes or complaints, protect consumer data and embody integrity.

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Certifications and Continuing Education: Office cleaning companies who maintain a membership with various associations are required to meet several criteria and standards in order to remain in good standing. Things such as continuing education, training and community involvement are necessary to keep credentials.

Bonded and Insured: Check to make sure your potential service provider is bonded and insured for the safety and security of you and your company.


6) Office Cleaning Costs, Reviews and Procedures

Some office cleaning companies are independently owned or franchises.

Franchises typically cost more than independently owned businesses due to higher overhead expenses.

Reputable business often have reviews from current clients that they can provide you upon request.

Find out if the company offers a free building analysis or walk through prior to submitting a bid.


Are you a Utah business in need of quality affordable office cleaning? Request your free analysis from ProKleen today. Afterall, It’s not just clean, it’s ProKleen kleen.