Business Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

At ProKleen, we’re proud to provide top quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services for your office. Our professionals will leave your workplace sparkling, with a special eye to detail and any personal specifications.

Beyond simply having a cleaner workplace available, what are some of the benefits our service provides to a business? Let’s take a look at a few of the broadest.


A cleaner workplace also means a safer workplace. Offices are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs if they aren’t cleaned regularly. In addition, untidy workspaces can lead to a higher risk of accidents and injuries. From basic cleaning down to clearing the HVAC system of harmful dust, our cleaners will make sure employee safety and health is a top priority. The average worker in the US costs businesses nearly $2,000 per year with workplace absenteeism – professional cleaning can cut that down.


There have been numerous studies directly linking a cleaner workplace with happier, more productive employees. A Brigham Young University study showed that 88 percent of respondents reported that visible buildups of dust or dirt hindered their ability to concentrate, be productive and learn. A dirty environment can have a negative impact on cognitive well-being, while a clean one has been shown to promote the inverse.


Having to take charge of cleaning tasks themselves will place additional stress on employees – stress they aren’t paid to manage. Commercial cleaning, however, removes this burden and allows them to focus only on the tasks at hand.


Finally, of course, the cleanliness of the office can be vital for a business, particularly one that regularly has clients in for meetings. Americans directly associate cleanliness with professionalism, and looking the part means you’ll be perceived that way from the start. High quality cleaning services will make a great impression right away.

For more on the business benefits of commercial cleaning, or to find out about any of our specific services, speak to the pros at ProKleen today.