Basics of the CPM Floor Cleaning Method

At ProKleen, we’re proud to provide high-quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services for your business. We’re in a particularly tough time of year for building cleanliness, with snow beginning to fall and plenty of leaves and other dirt present in common areas.

This means you and your business have to be extra diligent. We recommend the CPM method – clean, protect, and maintain. Let’s look at each step.


A good clean is the first part of floor care, and generally the most important. We ensure that the floor is completely cleaned of any buildup, including both organic and inorganic matter that basic methods like sweeping or mopping are unlikely to eliminate. It sounds simple, but this is where many of our competitors fall behind – an original clean that’s even just slightly below our high-level standards can result in sealing in stains and dirt during steps later in the process, and this can dull the look of floors and require expensive replacements.


After a thorough deep cleaning, waxing as necessary in certain areas will be done, along with placing mats in the proper areas. Matting is very important during the winter, as it’s your first line of defense against snow and salt that are more common during the cold season. Placing mats to cover the first 12 feet of an entryway will trap 99 percent of contaminants, according to the ISSA.

Porous floors like concrete will be treated with a clear coat epoxy to ensure dirt and liquids don’t cause any permanent stains.


Proper maintenance is necessary for floors just as with any other major piece of equipment, and a few steps will be important. Ensure you keep accurate records of service performed, as this will allow for consistency in scheduling and future considerations. If it’s recommended, consider investing in specialized auto-scrubbing machinery and specialized solvent cleaners that can help on certain surfaces.

For more on the CPM method, or to find out more about any of our commercial cleaning services, speak to the experts at ProKleen today.