6 Ways to Find the Best Window Cleaning Service

Just because a company has an awesome website and a friendly receptionist does not mean they are professional or reliable. When looking to hire a window cleaning service, you should do your research.

It may seem tiresome, but knowing the details of a company could save you time and money. Not only that, but you will also be sure your home is safe in the hands of a trustworthy company.

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than professional quality when it comes to your home and money. Ask the following questions before choosing your window cleaning service.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

Knowing if the company you are looking at is completely insured with general liability as well as worker’s compensation is vital. If a company has offers these types of insurance, you know they care about their employees as well as their customers.

Do They Have Professionally-trained Employees?

Find a company that does on-the-job training as well as continuous safety training in all techniques and procedures. You want your home to be valued and for those working on it to be as safe as possible.

New window washers will get hands-on experience with on-the-job training, meaning you won’t have to worry about new employees risking their safety or the quality of their work.

Do They Do Background Checks?

When conducting your search, be sure to ask each cleaning service if they run background checks on their employees. Letting anyone you don’t know around your home isn’t easy; knowing they have employees with clean backgrounds will help you feel better knowing your family and things are safe.

What is Their Overall Customer Satisfaction?

Read reviews and testimonials to get a feel for what other customer’s experiences have been with the company. You could even ask the company to put you in touch with a few of their past customers.

Have They Earned Any Positive Awards?

It says a lot about a company’s honesty, integrity, and professionalism when other people go out of their way to acknowledge the services of their business.

Other Services Offered?

You shouldn’t waste time looking for multiple companies for work on the outside of your home. If a company you are looking at offers other services such as power washing or gutter cleaning, Prokleen can assist in any of your commercial cleaning needs!