4 Ways Professional Cleaning Increases Workplace Efficiency

According to recent studies, a cluttered or an unclean environment, has been linked to a decrease in employee productivity. A clean work space, on the other hand, has been proven to improve job performance and creates a professional atmosphere in which employees and clients can conduct everyday business. When the workplace is clean, people feel better, resulting in increased motivation, improved quality of work, and increased job fulfillment.

Our experts here at ProKleen, Inc. share the benefits of  a professionally cleaned office:

1. Drives Employee Work Efficiency

Navigating around a cluttered office to get a job done can waste an insurmountable amount of time. This is due to the fact that unorganized work spaces up costs, therefore wasting time and money. Cluttered workstations result in increased mistakes made by employees because they’re distracted and unable to focus on tasks at hand. Simply put, clutter in the workplace is a distraction. For maximized employee production and efficiency, it’s best to provide employees and guests with a clean and organized workspace. If everything is in place your employees will work faster and more efficiently.

2. Ensures Safer Working Environment

A professionally cleaned workplace may also reduce the risk of onsite injuries and hazards attributed to unnoticed fixtures or wires. A clean office drives employee productivity and lessens the likeliness of workers’ compensation claims associated with an unclean and hazardous working environment.

3. Reduces Employee Stress

A messy working environment may also contribute to employees’ stress levels; don’t let your employees end up like this guy. It’s not ideal or comfortable to work at a desk with cluttered memos or on dusty and sticky computers. Cleanliness in the office eases stress levels of your employees and allows them to focus less on the mess and more on their work. A clean office is also an inviting space where everyone will arrive with a positive mindset, inspired to get to work.

4. Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Professional office cleaning removes more than the visible dust, dirt, and debris. It also rids the space of the microorganisms and germs which are invisible to the naked eye. As well as pollutants that may become lodged in furniture, carpets, and other work surfaces. Our  professional cleaners are highly trained and know how to disinfect and sanitize work areas beyond the surface areas.

Most people devote most of their time at work to working, thus it’s important to invest in cleanliness and organization. A clean and a tidy office will not only improve employee productivity, but will also help promote health and increase revenue.

— ProKleen, Inc.