Health Issues With Neglected Carpets

As your first stop for commercial carpet and floor cleaning in Utah, we’re floor experts at ProKleen. We know everything there is to know about the benefits a clean floor can offer, and perhaps more importantly, about the dangers posed by carpets badly needing cleaning after months or years of neglect.

What are some of these dangers? Let’s look at a few of the most common health issues that can be caused by dirty, contaminated carpets that aren’t receiving the proper cleaning attention.

Asthma and Allergies

Many people aren’t aware, but damp carpets are one of the main causes of asthma attacks in the home. Harmful organic compounds and microbes thrive in damp and dirty environment, and when carpets are repeatedly neglected in this area, the risk of bronchial asthma skyrockets.

In addition, allergies are commonly triggered by dirty carpets. They become a breeding ground for dust mites, microscopic crawlers that cause allergies and various irritations. Dust mites feed on dead skin cells, fungi and bacteria found on dirty carpets, and they’re equally dangerous when they’re dead as when they’re alive – they can still cause rashes and inflammation of the nasal passages.


Perhaps the most dangerous microbe found in dirty carpets, mycotoxins are generated by mold. These toxins can lead to weakening of the immune system, stomach issues and, in extreme cases, death. They’re also associated with various allergies and respiratory issues.

Fungal Infection

Parasitic organisms like dust, fungi, mold spores and others can be found on dirty carpets. Fungal infections are particularly likely to enter the body through microbes touching the feet or any open wounds – these can include athlete’s foot, ringworm and other infections.

Respiratory Issues

Mold is also common in darker, dank environments, and it can lead to major respiratory issues. Allergens and bacteria live in mold spores, which can be inhaled by humans and begin to inflame the respiratory system.

With the right commercial carpet cleaning, all these potential issues can be avoided. To find out about our services or schedule an appointment, speak to the experts at ProKleen today.

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

People often wonder how often carpets should be cleaned in a commercial setting, and part of the answer depends on why it is that you want to clean your carpets. Most business owners order cleaning mainly for appearance, but some are also worried about keeping their building healthy.

You may not know it, but carpets are a big factor in the cleanliness and overall health of your facility. The carpet acts as a large air filter for a given space, trapping dust, pet dander, pollen, chemicals, and any other impurities that make it inside. This is a good thing as long as it is cleaned regularly.

However, how often depends on each individual situation.

Some questions to ask that will help decide the cleaning frequency for you:

  • Are there allergies in the workplace?
  • Will children ever be present?
  • How many people will commonly occupy the space?
  • What color(s) is your carpet and does it stain easily?

Allergies and Children

If allergies or asthma are common concerns for at least one person in the office, carpets need to be cleaned more often. They can build up pollen and other allergens.

Cleaning carpets more often is also a great way to provide a healthy environment for youth. Children and toddlers spend quite a bit of time playing on the floor, and it’s important to keep that space clean if there will frequently be children around.

If one or more of these apply to you, you should consider cleaning your carpets every three to six months.

Building Size

Your carpet will get dirty faster the more people you have walking on it. If there are four or more people in your business who frequently spend time in your space, consider cleaning your carpets every 6 months. If your business is larger than this, you may require cleaning even more often depending on the size of your space.

Carpet Color

While light carpets look great when they are new, they do not hide dirt well. This can be a benefit because you can see the dirt with your eyes and darker carpets will hide dirt, making you think your carpet is cleaner than it is.

If you have light-colored carpet, keeping it looking nice is motivation to get your carpets cleaned more frequently. You will be able to tell by looking at it when it needs to be cleaned.

If your business doesn’t apply to any of the areas we’ve discussed, there’s a chance you won’t need to clean your carpets as often. Once a year or slightly more will often do the trick.

Parties and Events: The Day After

Hosting a party or an event at your office can be such a taxing chore. It entails shopping for food and drinks, rearranging furniture, tidying up and decorating the place, cooking and preparing meals and refreshments, inviting and organizing people—well, this in itself is an exhausting list!

Despite all the tiresome effort, it will be rewarding to witness how your guests are enjoying. Only then will you be able to say how fun it was to throw a party. With smiles and laughter on their faces, you will already feel like a gracious host.

The only downside to any party or event is when it comes to an end. When all the fun and games are over, you will have to deal with all the cleaning. You can’t just leave it be, given that it’s your office—it’s where you work for a living. And you can’t work efficiently in a dump, right?

Dealing with the Aftermath

Imagine the scene. Tables are messy, chairs are overturned, framed photographs and paintings on the wall moved out of place, the stack of dishes in the pantry sink, the littering bottles and cans of beverages, the gleaming utensils scattered about like treasure, and the soiled, stained carpet. Oh dear, is it not an overwhelming picture?

ProKleen can turn that picture into something wonderful and pleasing to the eye. Apart from our janitorial services, we offer commercial carpet cleaning, a service you can benefit from for both pre- and after-party tidying. As one of the first things your guests will notice when they enter your office, unsightly carpets will not set the right mood for any party or event.

In cleaning your carpet, we use efficient machines that will not leave any thread soiled or muddied. In addition, we apply carpet deodorizer to rid your place of any foul odors. This could be some spilled beer, wine, or food left on the carpet and stepped on.

A dirty carpet’s difference from a clean one may not be perceived but its effect on people will betray the filth. A dirt-riddled carpet can trigger allergies and asthma due to the buildup of toxic contaminants. Our specialized cleaning shampoos work to sift through carpet fibers and rid it of trapped pollutants.

If you’re planning a party any time soon, feel free to contact us for assistance or information about our cleaning services.