Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

Have you ever wondered about the reason companies hire a commercial cleaning service versus keeping it in-house? We thought so, and we didn’t even have to duct tape our eyes shut, to read your minds, unlike this guy.

In this post, we thought we’d share some of the benefits of hiring a full service cleaning company such as ourselves. As you may already know, ProKleen, has been cleaning Salt Lake City for over 30 years! We pride ourselves in understanding our customers needs and we ensure that we do what it takes to make them happy. 

1. Cleanliness is Inviting

A clean office is an inviting space for all of those important customers who enter. Whether it’s a medical, dental or real estate brokerage, an immaculate environment is sure to leave a lasting impression on your clientele.

2.  Hiring a Cleaning Company is an Investment

It’s true, hiring a cleaning company is an investment into your business which shows your customers you’re invested in and committed to them. Have you ever walked into a place where the bathrooms were left unattended and now they’re unsightly and just feel grimy? We’ve all been there and our first thoughts are usually unpleasant ones, this can leave a negative impression about you which is opposite of what you’re trying to do, amiright?

3. Clean and Sanitized Office Space is Healthy

We know, this has been engrained into our society as long as we can remember too, but it has to be said. Sanitizing the office means killing nasty bacteria which cuts down on inter office illnesses as well as maintaining public safety.  

4. Commercial Cleaning Companies Use High End Cleaning Products

 ProKleen, Inc. only uses top of the line cleaning products and equipment. This stuff isn’t readily available for purchase by those who don’t have the proper credentials. We even have professional grade green cleaning products and services that we can use too. 

5. Employees Only Have to Worry About Their Jobs

This one is self explanatory, we know, but we thought a friendly reminder was in order. If you hire out for janitorial or cleaning services, it takes the burden off of the Office Manager or whomever else may have been cleaning or maintaining the office. This way they only have to focus on their day job and everyone is happy and healthy. 


8 Things to Know When Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Company

ProKleen, inc., has been cleaning buildings along the Wasatch Front in addition to all over the state of Utah for upwards of 30 years. Therefore, we believe it’s our duty to create and foster a relationship of trust with our current clients, future customers, as well as our community. As a result, we’ve decided to share some tricks of the trade in an effort to assist you and your business in making a suitable choice when hiring a commercial cleaning or janitorial company.

 What to Look for: Green Light

1. Transparency

A trustworthy commercial cleaning service will always be honest and forthright about whether or not the service they provide will take care of your specific situation. They will be honest about what they can as well as what they can’t do.  ProKleen, Inc., offers a free building analysis so that both parties are on the same page about what to expect from one another.


2. Proper Vetting and Screening of Employees

A quality professional janitorial company will ensure that their employees are ethical and responsible. Your company deserves to have cleaning technicians who are as trustworthy as the employees you have working in your building. Which is why ProKleen always performs a background check on everyone we hire.


3. Succinct and Easy to Understand Contracts

Beware of inconclusive, difficult to comprehend contracts that are full of legal jargon. Most cleaning services are straightforward and shouldn’t be hidden within confusing vernacular or paperwork.


4. Positive Testimonials from Current Clients

There is no one better to rely on when it comes to the quality of service you’re going to receive from a cleaning service, than those who have previously conducted or currently are in business with the company you’re seeking to hire. Positive testimonials or ratings on media and Google are indicative of the caliber of services the company provides.


What to be Aware of: Red Flags

1. Low Balling

Oftentimes, as with many contractors, a janitorial service provider will come back from a bid with a price point that is significantly lower than everyone else’s. This is a common sales tactic known as ‘Low Balling.’ This occurs when a company promises everything you asked to have done at an unrealistic price, which means they will come back later with additional or hidden fees and in the long run, the job will cost you more than it would’ve if you had hired a moderately higher priced service.


2. Talking a Big Game

On the flip side of Low Balling, there are companies out there who hike up prices in an effort to make it seem like their services are the best on the market. We hate to break it to you, this is also a sales tactic. Human beings have triggers that these companies prey upon, we have learned to believe that just because something is expensive, that it’s the best. While sometimes true, it’s not always the case. Beware of the big talkers who claim they can provide the world, charge you an astronomical price and fall short on delivery.


3. Lack of Supervision of Cleaning

This is self explanatory, make sure to ask about supervision of day porters, night time cleaners and floor technicians. It’s wise to know who these people have to report to.


4. Ambiguous Communication

Communication is key. If an unforeseen circumstance  occurs, know who is there to help you. There is nothing that can’t be resolved by a clear line of communication between our clients and us.  If for some reason a company doesn’t provide a contact point, steer clear.



Health Issues With Neglected Carpets

As your first stop for commercial carpet and floor cleaning in Utah, we’re floor experts at ProKleen. We know everything there is to know about the benefits a clean floor can offer, and perhaps more importantly, about the dangers posed by carpets badly needing cleaning after months or years of neglect.

What are some of these dangers? Let’s look at a few of the most common health issues that can be caused by dirty, contaminated carpets that aren’t receiving the proper cleaning attention.

Asthma and Allergies

Many people aren’t aware, but damp carpets are one of the main causes of asthma attacks in the home. Harmful organic compounds and microbes thrive in damp and dirty environment, and when carpets are repeatedly neglected in this area, the risk of bronchial asthma skyrockets.

In addition, allergies are commonly triggered by dirty carpets. They become a breeding ground for dust mites, microscopic crawlers that cause allergies and various irritations. Dust mites feed on dead skin cells, fungi and bacteria found on dirty carpets, and they’re equally dangerous when they’re dead as when they’re alive – they can still cause rashes and inflammation of the nasal passages.


Perhaps the most dangerous microbe found in dirty carpets, mycotoxins are generated by mold. These toxins can lead to weakening of the immune system, stomach issues and, in extreme cases, death. They’re also associated with various allergies and respiratory issues.

Fungal Infection

Parasitic organisms like dust, fungi, mold spores and others can be found on dirty carpets. Fungal infections are particularly likely to enter the body through microbes touching the feet or any open wounds – these can include athlete’s foot, ringworm and other infections.

Respiratory Issues

Mold is also common in darker, dank environments, and it can lead to major respiratory issues. Allergens and bacteria live in mold spores, which can be inhaled by humans and begin to inflame the respiratory system.

With the right commercial carpet cleaning, all these potential issues can be avoided. To find out about our services or schedule an appointment, speak to the experts at ProKleen today.

ProKleen’s Community Outreach Project: Comcast Cares Day

This past weekend, ProKleen Inc.’s Owner, Jill and GM Sean, had the opportunity to work alongside various local business and employees in a community outreach project called Comcast Cares Day.

According to Comcast’s website, the event acts as a conduit for employees, their families and friends as well as community partners around the globe to volunteer and create positive change within their communities.

Volunteers in Utah, including ProKleen, Inc., spent the day working at the Boys and Girls Club, performing duties such as cleaning the inside of the building, pulling weeds, planting trees, fixing up the volleyball courts and other tasks.

ProKleen, first learned of the venture through our membership and affiliation with BOMA Utah. We were extremely grateful to be able to work in our community and to be able to help out the kids at the Boys and Girls Club. We are looking forward to future events where our services will be helpful and beneficial within the community.




Clean Home: Trends in Home Cleaning + Organization

Check out the latest gadgets in home organization and cleaning to get a cleaner, fresher, happier home. Simply click on the images for more details about each product.

Signs Your Carpets Need Cleaning

At ProKleen, our carpet cleaning services remain ahead of the curve to help you with all your commercial cleaning needs. We apply industry standard technology, along with deodorizers and several different kinds of protectors to give your materials a buffer against wear and tear.

Before we can work our magic on your business, however, you have to identify the need. Especially in certain colors or themes, it’s common to struggle picking up the telltale signs of carpets that need cleaning – even if they’re right in front of us. Here are a few tips for spotting the need for a carpet cleaning.


Smell is one of the first signs of a dirty carpet, but this is where some of the struggles come into play with recognizing it – over time, if you’re in the same place often, your nose will likely become desensitized to certain odors. Even if a bad smell is building up on the carpet over time, you might notice it because your nose just gets used to it.

This isn’t the easiest task in the world, but if it’s been a while since your last carpet cleaning, try to bring in a “fresh” nose every now and then to give you an honest assessment. Maybe this is someone from another department, or a significant other who hasn’t been to the office in a while. Down similar lines, a regular carpet cleaning once every so often will help prevent these odors you might not even know about.


Have folks at the office with allergy symptoms begun to see a rise in flare-ups, despite it not being allergy season? This could be a sure sign that carpets need cleaning. Dirty and older carpets catch and retain more allergens and particulates.

Discoloration in Main Areas

In areas where people frequently walk, check for signs of discoloration. These areas will wear more quickly, and even with colors that are tough to spot these things for, noting areas where this wearing is visible can help make this process simpler.

Want to learn more about signs your carpet needs cleaning, or interested in any of our other commercial cleaning services? Speak to the experts at ProKleen today.

10 Expert Hacks to Give your Home a Professionally Cleaned Impression

Imagine that feeling, when you walk into a well kept office building, doctors office or school. The fresh smell and dusted picture frames always creates a feeling of wonder; how in the world do they keep this place so impeccable? Well, it’s thanks to professional services like yours truly, ahem.

However, for most of us, keeping a house immaculately clean when it’s over taken by kids and dogs and a hectic schedule, can seem like an impossible feat. So, we thought we’d share some tips and tricks from the pros that can be implemented in your own home to achieve that professionally cleaned, spick- and-span impression.

1. Use a Pillowcase to Dust Ceiling fans

Slipping an old pillowcase over each fan blade is a great way to dust them. This makes it so that the debris falls into the pillowcase rather than onto furniture or the floor.

2. Use an Old Sock to Clean Blinds

Ever wonder what to do with those mateless socks that take up space in your laundry room? Reuse them by spraying with water and sliding the sock onto your hand and grip the slat of blinds to clean. Voila!

3. Spot Clean Fabrics with Baby Wipes

The best way to clean upholstered furniture is to hire our Carpet and Floor specialists, however, between your professional cleanings, this is a great way to keep your fabric clean and looking fresh. Just be sure to use baby wipes and not cleaning wipes, which contain bleach and other harsh chemicals that could potentially damage fabrics.

4. Use Tennis Balls in the Dryer with a Comforter 

Tennis balls in the dryer with a comforter will prevent the insides of your comforter from bunching up in the corners.

5. Have your Kids Clean your Mattress for You

Image Courtesy of Flickr

Why not let jumping on the bed be pragmatic? Kids will be kids, allowing your little monkeys to jump on the bed will force dust to the surface of the mattress so that you can vacuum it up afterward. Fun and useful.

6. Use Vinegar and Lemon Oil to Clean Wood

Wipe down wood surfaces using a mix of 1 part lemon oil to 1 part white vinegar. Orange oil by itself can also be used, and it smells divine.

7. Clean Your Dishwasher with Ease

Place 1 cup of baking soda in the bottom of an empty dishwasher and let it sit overnight. Run the hottest cycle using vinegar instead of detergent to clean and refresh your dishwasher. Remember to remove debris from the filter. No more weird smells!

8. Clean Cabinets with your Vacuum

Use your vacuum’s brush attachment to pick up dust and crumbs inside. Outside, concentrate on the area around the hardware using a cloth dampened with warm water and Murphy Oil Soap.

9. Use Black Tea to Clean Windows and Mirrors

Tea Black Tea Glass Jug

The tannic acid in black tea along with a microfiber towel or old t-shirt, will leave a streak free clean on your windows and mirrors.

10. Clean in the Right Order

Believe it or not, there is an order to cleaning. Begin with the most labor intensive room, which is typically the bathroom, then move on to dusting and organizing, then mopping and vacuuming the floors and finish in the kitchen. Cleaning in this manner will help you from tiring out before you finish.


**Bonus: Cleaning more frequently will cut down on time spent cleaning daily.** 

Written by: Ashley Baker – Marketing & Digital Media 







4 Ways Professional Cleaning Increases Workplace Efficiency

According to recent studies, a cluttered or an unclean environment, has been linked to a decrease in employee productivity. A clean work space, on the other hand, has been proven to improve job performance and creates a professional atmosphere in which employees and clients can conduct everyday business. When the workplace is clean, people feel better, resulting in increased motivation, improved quality of work, and increased job fulfillment.

Our experts here at ProKleen, Inc. share the benefits of  a professionally cleaned office:

1. Drives Employee Work Efficiency

Navigating around a cluttered office to get a job done can waste an insurmountable amount of time. This is due to the fact that unorganized work spaces up costs, therefore wasting time and money. Cluttered workstations result in increased mistakes made by employees because they’re distracted and unable to focus on tasks at hand. Simply put, clutter in the workplace is a distraction. For maximized employee production and efficiency, it’s best to provide employees and guests with a clean and organized workspace. If everything is in place your employees will work faster and more efficiently.

2. Ensures Safer Working Environment

A professionally cleaned workplace may also reduce the risk of onsite injuries and hazards attributed to unnoticed fixtures or wires. A clean office drives employee productivity and lessens the likeliness of workers’ compensation claims associated with an unclean and hazardous working environment.

3. Reduces Employee Stress

A messy working environment may also contribute to employees’ stress levels; don’t let your employees end up like this guy. It’s not ideal or comfortable to work at a desk with cluttered memos or on dusty and sticky computers. Cleanliness in the office eases stress levels of your employees and allows them to focus less on the mess and more on their work. A clean office is also an inviting space where everyone will arrive with a positive mindset, inspired to get to work.

4. Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service?

Professional office cleaning removes more than the visible dust, dirt, and debris. It also rids the space of the microorganisms and germs which are invisible to the naked eye. As well as pollutants that may become lodged in furniture, carpets, and other work surfaces. Our  professional cleaners are highly trained and know how to disinfect and sanitize work areas beyond the surface areas.

Most people devote most of their time at work to working, thus it’s important to invest in cleanliness and organization. A clean and a tidy office will not only improve employee productivity, but will also help promote health and increase revenue.

— ProKleen, Inc.

Choosing Commercial Window Cleaning Frequency

The aesthetics of your business are more important than you might think, and windows are a big part of this. At ProKleen, our commercial window cleaning services will complement our other commercial cleaning protocols to keep your building looking fresh and modern for new customers.

The most common question we get within the window cleaning realm: How often should they be cleaned? The answer really depends on a few distinct factors. Let’s take a look at them.


Location and resulting weather are some of the first concerns to keep in mind when determining how often you need to clean your commercial windows. This means climate, but it also means specific location within a given climate – do certain windows face the sun for long hours? Are certain other windows protected from elements like snow by trees or other objects?

Within the Utah climate, you’re near the middle of the spectrum for weather-related cleaning concerns. The Great Salt Lake doesn’t give off quite enough salt to worry about major corrosion on windows, but it’s enough to pay attention to. There isn’t an abundance of moisture which can make regular cleanings more necessary, though the occasional large periods of snow or rain have to be considered.


Another big chunk of your window cleaning schedule comes down to preference, quite honestly. Some building managers demand a squeaky clean ship be run, in which case you’ll want to have the windows cleaned at least a few times per month. Others don’t mind smudges or the occasional bits of dirt, in which case a couple times a year could do the trick.


This will vary in certain climates, but the general industry standard for window cleaning is about twice per month on average. Some businesses use our services as much as once a week, others as infrequently as once a year. Your budget will also play a role here.

Want to know more about window cleaning tips from the top cleaning company in town? Speak to the experts at ProKleen today.