4 Reasons You Need to Hire Professional Window Cleaners

Whether you own a business or you live in a home, it’s important to keep your windows clean. Clean windows attract customers, make the world more beautiful, and improve your mood dramatically. The problem is, keeping your windows clean isn’t just difficult, it can be dangerous as well. Why should you hire professionals for your window cleaning in Salt Lake City? Here at ProKleen, we have come up with a few reasons why professional help matters.

1. Professional cleaning can keep you from breaking your windows. Did you know that it’s possible to break your window by applying too much force trying to scrub away a nasty spot or smudge? A broken window will cause tiny pieces of glass to get lost inside and outside your home or business. A piece of glass no larger than a gnat can slice open your foot or hand. But when you hire professionals, you won’t need to risk life and limb to clean your windows.

2. Cleaning windows requires specific tools, solutions, dilutions, and products to do properly. You have probably noticed that, even after a thorough cleaning, streaks and stains still cover your windows and mirrors. But with the right products and tools a professional cleaning service company won’t just get rid of the major smudges and spots, they will also leave your windows spotless and free of any streaks.

3. Professional cleaning can extend the life of your windows. Did you know that rust, spots, black fungus or mold, and other contaminates can actually eat away at your windows? By properly cleaning your windows and having professionals remove all of the dangerous buildup, you won’t need to worry about corrosion weakening and ruining your windows.

4. Cleaning high or hard to reach windows can lead to falls and serious injury. By hiring a professional company that has all the right safety equipment you will be able to get all of your windows clean, even the ones on the third story.

3 Reasons to Hire Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Specialists

Subway tiles on a modern kitchen backsplash, nostalgic penny tiles on a bathroom floor, easy-to-clean ceramic tile on the floor in the mud room: all of these tile applications are beautiful and useful in a home. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles keep floors and walls from suffering water damage while enhancing the look and feel of your living space. But they all come with a caveat: grout. Grout is the cement that is used to adhere tiles together in an attractive pattern, protect the wall or floor behind a tile application, and add some stylish flair depending on the color of grout you choose to use. Unlike ceramic tiles, however, grout is porous and can stain, collect food particles, and harbor bacteria or mold growth. Every once in a while, you’ll need to get that grout cleaned, and you will be faced with two options: doing it yourself or hiring professionals.

Cleaning grout on your own is a project for a die-hard DIYer. Plan to spend hours on your hands and knees (or twisted at uncomfortable angles) with a stiff brush and a load of cleaning products and, possibly, a steam cleaner, pouring elbow grease into your work. And yes, you can get the grout somewhat clean this way.

But we at ProKleen, who have seen it all when it comes to dirty grout, suggest that hiring a professional for grout cleaning service is the best option and will be well worth the money. Here are what we think are three very good reasons for that suggestion.

  1. You don’t have the equipment or the materials to do a really thorough deep cleaning. Pros, on the other hand, have both, and pros are trained in how to use them correctly. Not only does this cut down on time spent cleaning grout, it means that your grout will end up with a deep clean that no amount of work with a stiff brush and a household steam cleaner could possibly do.
  2. All of the professional equipment is in good repair, loaded on the company’s trucks, and easy to access. You, on the other hand, will have to pay for cleaning agents and/or equipment, including taking the time to haul it to your home and train yourself on its use. To get the same results as professional cleaning, you might end up spending more in both time and money.
  3. Pros know sealants. Sealants are chemicals that are painted onto clean grout in order to protect the porous cement from future stains and bacteria growth, helping you keep your grout cleaner over the long term with less effort. Pros also have the equipment to quickly spray or paint sealants onto the grout while you, again, may be forced to rent or buy.

Protecting your investment in your home sometimes means hiring professionals to do a job instead of doing it yourself. Grout cleaning is one of those jobs. To get a thoroughly deep clean in less time, including the application of the proper sealant, hiring a pro company is the most cost-effective solution for homeowners. Get recommendations from family and friends and read reviews to find a grout cleaning company that will do an excellent job in exchange for your hard-earned dollars, and enjoy the sparkling good looks of clean grout for years to come.